PC to Media Player file transfer?

Guys, I am new to file sharing. I have apple tv 2g just jailbreak it and installed media player. I am running windows vista currently. How can i play my .AVI files on media player? Thanks in advance for your help/suggestions.

Download the PLEX server to your Windows box,... install and configure it,... while that is indexing your library - install the PLEX Client on your aTV2 - Reboot aTV and start the client.


You will there be able to hook up to your Windows box - and get access to all your files... AVI MKV etc.. with DivX/xVid and more... 


Have fun...

thanks man. worked so smoothly. watching movies right now. 

I had same doub ts…from the firecore blogs i came to know about Plex client and it works great!!!