Paying for ATV Flash

I have an ATV 2 (Black)  I had a subscription and jailbroke and loaded all the stuff.  My account expired and in my Maintainance section I see NO auto update.  My question is next month when I pay for the subscription will the ATV see this and then I can auto update?  Or do I have to redo it?

Which version of aTV Flash (black) are you currently running? You can check the version through the Maintenance --> About menu.

Alternatively, you can download latest version using the links under the downloads tab in your account.

old…0.8-6.  Where do I start.  Also my account is in good standing and I downloaded .exe for 1.5 and 1.4.

The 0.x.x releases were part of the beta phase. You have to be on a 1.x.x release before you can update via the maintenance menu. You should just be able to get onto that release by running the FireCore installer for the latest release on yor PC/mac.