Pay for USB Activation???

I’m not a hacker, and think Fugu is a poisonous fish.
I do want to expand my Atv to use the USB port for a keyboard or extended external drive to load up content.
Are there any businesses available for me to send my ATV in for a USB flash Hack so I don;t have tyo mess with it…basically a plug’Nplay solution??
I’ll PAY!
Though not too much.

Ideas, suggestions?

I agree that Fugu is not a very easy solution, but why you would want to add a keyboard, and mouse is beyond me!!!
Though possible why don’t you mount your ATV in finder and drop & drag files to your box, or even better just stream from your mac, pc, or timecapsule, I think this is far better than what you are asking for.
Tell me how you would add content from the ATV if you were to have support for a keyboard??

I keep a keyboard and mouse connected all the time to my appletv. I use it for FireFox and EyeTv. Have you tried Cyberduck to FTP to your appletv?


Fugu worked with MadCrans’ excellent helkp.
I actually got to FTP the Mac OSX file to the document folder and smart installer found it.
I still haven’t tried it yet to see if it really worked!
It was really easy once I got FUGU set.
A 4 Gig USB stick wouldn’t work…I thought I was screwed.
The plugged in a real USB HD and it worked fine.
They should have shipped from the start with this capability…internal cable tuner would be cool too, “I-Tivo”