Pausing is unreliable

I have noticed it when pressing space bar key, but it also applies when manually clicking on the pause icon in the player. I can’t reproduce it consistently, but it often happens when you try to pause right after unpausing. This issue has been here for multiple versions, however I can’t tell which is the last version that this worked without an issue, sorry.

The issue is that when I pause the video, it stops for a split second, sometimes even the icon flicks to the paused icon, but it then immediately proceeds to resume playing as if the code forcible resumed the playback.

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On your keyboard settings, what do you have for “Delay until repeat” and is this on a desktop or macbook?

I am on macbook pro. The slider is roughly in the middle for the delay until repeat option. However, my issue does not seem to be caused by the keyboard per se, because manually clicking on the pause button in the player results in the same ‘hiccups’. It won’t stay paused and immediately resumes playback. I feel like I have to give it time to recover and try again, then it pauses successfully.

What other apps are running on your macbook when this occurs?

Also just to round out the info, what version number of Infuse and what MacOS?

Instead of giving the full applications list, I tried it with no applications running in the background, yet the issue was still persistent.

I am running Infuse v. 7.7.3 on macOS Sonoma 14.4 on MacBook Pro 16" 2019. I have also noticed, that this issue was not present with some of the samples in 1080p, but rather in high resolution media, possibly with HDR or other dynamic range.

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After further testing, it is not connected in any way with a server. Playing the same media locally ends up with the same issue.

If you see this again, can you send in a report from your device and post the code it gives you here?

I also notice this issue on MAC. When I manually click the pause button, sometimes the video will repeatedly play the last one-second content. For now it seems that it only happens when playing Dolby Vision contents.

It would help