Pauses in playback - streaming from Time Capsule

Hi all,
I did search but didn’t really find a definite answer to the problem, ive set up streaming over smb and playback has pauses every minute or so, is there anything i can do to fix this?

Many thanks.


Use a wired connection instead of wireless??

Kind of hard to give advice with this kind of problem description, not very much info to go on.

Yes, a wired connection is best for streaming

ok thanks, well time capsule is in the lounge room and atv is in my room, and was hoping to have it wireless, but i do get transfer speed of up to 6mb sec so i would like to think it would be quick enough for smooth playback… Has anyone had success setting it up and viewing without pauses wirelessly?

I believe SMB streaming improvements will be included in the next update.

Thats promising…
I have another question if thats ok- Ive got it set up fine running from time capsule over smb wirelessly ( apart from the pauses ) but each time i put atv into standby and then reconnect i loose the mount and have to restart my time capsule via airport utilities in order for it to remount, tho my macbook auto mounts without any problem … i have it set to auto mount so i dont see why it looses it each time i shutdown.

Thanks again…

ok - i have recently connected apple tv and time capsule with Ethernet - Nito tv still suffers pauses in playback - however the same avi file played in Atv files & xmbc plays smooth, so it’s clear it’s a problem with nito tv alone. i would rather use nito as its got all of my cover art attached… hopefully nito tv can correct my issue within the next update…