Pause when switching 'spaces'

An issue I’ve encountered:
If you start a video, go into native macOS fullscreen, then leave that “space” (I think that’s what macOS calls the separate desktops), the video pauses immediately, and when you switch back it buffers for a little while.

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I can confirm this. In iOS there’s an option for background playing which is missing on macOS

I think the app may be fully starting and stopping the video when switching to a different “space” (from fullscreen). The app fully ends a stream if it’s close enough to the end of the episode (i.e. when you switch back, it has gone back to the season view - no longer playing the video).

Code: F6VRQ


This should be resolved in the alpha 2 build.

Please let us know if you see any other issues in this area. Thanks!

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