Pause when seeking Dolby Digital Plus files


I’m facing a specific issue while playing Dolby Digital Plus video files on the ATV 4K 2022 using Infuse Pro. I’ve noticed that there is a small freeze when I try to fast forward or rewind by 10 seconds. This problem only occurs when the video file has a Dolby Digital Plus audio track. However, if the file has a Dolby Digital track, the forwarding is very smooth. My sound system is Sonos Arc, the ATV is running tvOS 16.5, and I have also accepted the Infuse Dolby plugin popup.

Could someone please advise me on this issue?

Thank you.


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You may try updating to Infuse 7.6 and tvOS 17 to see if this helps at all.

If the issue persists, please try running a speed test in Infuse to see what kind of speeds you are seeing.

thank you for the response. I already updated tvOS and infuse to latest. I will do some speedtest and update you. Please note, the same file working fine (Forward & rewind) in plex.

When you say freeze, are you saying the video pauses for a second or is it the audio that cuts out for a second or two?

Video and audio, both freeze few seconds.

I sent a private message. Please check

This was requested

Please check the speed test result.

I notice this happens when seeking Dolby Digital Plus file with Atmos. Often the audio starts playing immediately after seeking, but the video freezes for a second or two.

I get 550mbps in the speed test. It’s only Atmos audio that does this for me.

Not a huge issue, but it does make trying to rapidly seek back or forth in 10s increments annoying.

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@NC_Bullseye @james any update for me? . Thank you.

You can try switching the Streaming Cache option in Infuse > Settings > Playback from Auto to Memory Only.

We have seem some Apple TV devices (individual devices, not related to generation or age) which have slower performing solid state storage, and using memory only for caching (instead of a mix of disk and memory) may help in cases like this.

Thank you, James. I’ve tried both the ‘cache only’ option and memory, but unfortunately, I’m still facing the same issue. My Apple TV is the latest model from 2022.