"Pause" Bug...

Not sure if this is a bug or expected, so I thought I’d post.

If I’m watching a video via Lightning HDMI adapter and using Bluetooth speakers / headset:

After the period of time defined in iPad settings for the Auto Lock interval (for me it’s 10 minutes), the iPad screen will dim while the video plays normally on the HDMI screen.

However, if after that point is reached, I PAUSE the video using the Bluetooth device buttons, the iPad will immediately lock. Pressing the PAUSE button again on the bluetooth device does not resume the video.

I have to wake up the iPad, unlock it, and then the app has to “re-load” the video and resume.

It seems to me the lock interval should be suspended any time video is playing (whether or not HDMI is being used) so that it doesn’t lock immediately when paused.

I’ve got the same problem
Also when i have my subtitles on and then turn subtitles off
The app crashes after à couple of minutes.
When i leave the subtitles on it also crashes