Path to Cover art

I have been trying for a while before posting this request for help. I have an external HD attached with all my movies. On the first level of this drive called “LaCie” I have 3 folders: “Movies” (for the movie files), “JPEG” (for the all the cover art), and “Television” (for TV shows).

I have been trying to link the cover arts to the movies by going Nito> Settings> General> Cover Art Location

But when I get to “Enter Destination Path for cover art generation”, I am not able to figure out the path to the JPEGs representing the cover arts. My last try was: “mnt/Volumes/LaCie/JPEG/” with no results.

In the previous version of ATVFlash, all the cover arts were in the same folder as the movies having the same name as the movies themselves and cover arts were being picked up when using “Files” as a selection to go to my movies. But with this newer version of ATVFlash, “Files” works differently and my cover arts dont get picked up. Please advise.

I had the same problem with the new version not showing the cover art like it had in the previous versions
The path for your cover art must go into
Library/Application Support/Sapphire/Collection Art/@MOVIES

Nito reads the cover art from the Sapphire program. The name of the cover art must be the exact version of how the movie is named for it to work.

Now the kicker is that all my cover art was changed to a screenshot when Sapphire was upgraded to the new version as it now requires the cover art to have a number corresponding to the Imdb sites movie listing. It seems to have read the posters I had in the Sapphire folder, then it made new copies with the number needed for the files to show up now in Sapphire but in doing so it corrupted the existing files to the screen shot. grrr.

So tonight I spent the hours downloading new poster art and naming it to the movie name and cyberducking all the poster files over to the @MOVIES folder. I am happy to say it works fine now and I have all my movie covers showing in Nito

Well, didn’t work for me. I have followed your instructions and I still don’t get the Cover Arts to show in Nito>Files. Annoying. I would go for Sapphire but it doesn’t see all my movies (even if they are of the same format (??). Nito sees them all (apx 500 movies). Oh well, anyone else with a suggestion?