Password protection

Hi there, first of all you’re doing great great work with that product and I enjoy almost every feature of it.

My question is, if there is any chance to enable passwort protection or to integrate access control for all or some features? I don’t want my children to access movies they weren’t allowed to. Parental control works for the movies downloaded from itunes but not for divx and other files. Are you planning to add something like that? Or, if anyone knows how to enable it on os level (if that’s possible) I would greatly appreciate that.

Thanks in advance,

Hi there,

are you planning to integrate any kind of access control? Password protection?
Any answers are very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Yes that would be a great feature… to segment out Adult only features…boxee does it for some of the streaming adult stuff …but if you could store adult appropriate movies in password protected area that would be perfect.