Password Problem


I’ve got a password problem in Infuse.
Let me explain.
I changed my password on my shared NAS account. So I updated it in Infuse. Everything worked fine until the next use of Infuse.
When I started again my video system (Apple TV 4K, TV and Amp) and went to Infuse, my share was inaccessible. The old password was there in place of the new one. So I resented it to the new one and everything worked fine.
Next time I did the same the old password came back again !
Is there some cache in Infuse ?
what do I have to do to set my password to the new one once and for all ?
I’m on TVOS 13.3 and Infuse 6.2.5.
Thank you very much for the answers.

I’m replying to myself :slight_smile:
I think I found the solution.
My library is synced to iCloud so the password with it isn’t it ?
I didn’t change the password on my iPhone and iPad, they had the old share password. So when the library was synced on my Apple TV it put the old password in place.
I will see if it’s working tonight.

You figured it out correctly. iCloud does sync share info. Change all of them and it should be fine.

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Thank you NC Bullseye. Yes it was that. Everything works fine now.
But it’s too bad that new password is not synced.
It will be better to sync the modifications not what was changed.

Glad you got it working. I think (don’t know for sure) that there may be a specific order in which to do things that would sync the password change. Just a guess but this may work.

1 Start Infuse on device A and let it complete an icloud sync after start up.
2 Change share password on device A let an icloud sync complete after the change.
3 Start Infuse on Device B and let it complete an icloud sync.

Remember, the only place in Infuse on ATV to see the icloud sync status is in Settings > Library and there will be a status line giving sync and update status. It’s completed a sync when it show “Last updated…” and stays on that notice for a minute or so. The reason for waiting a minute or so is that iCloud sync may start right after an update and then return to that “Last updated…” notice when it’s done.

Thanks for the tips NC Bullseye.
I though the modification will be synced via iCloud after I did it. I waited for the iCloud sync on my ATV. And several times util I went to modify the password on my iPhone and my iPad.
It will be better that a modification be sync right after doing it.
No I know how to handle it :wink: