Password lock to folders/favourites

Hi, I am using infuse pro 6 in my Apple TV 4K. My Synology NAS is acting as an SMB share with movies and shows arranged in folders. I have some R rated stuff which I don’t want to display in the library/homescreen. How can I do it? Can I add as a separate favourite folder with some password protection? Also how to hide the progress of these movies? since I have kids using the infuse all the time, I need some way to hide these stuff…
thank you

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Have you looked at the Parental Controls in the settings?

Hi…yes, I tried it. However it can only present a password on opening a movie/file.
What I would like to have is–hiding the R rated movies from showing up in the home screen and the progress screen (the first row in home screen which show the progress of watching movie). Do I need to add a separate favourite folder with R rated movies and add a passcode to the folder? How can I add a password to that?

I would like/need the same. I have a lodger (and also when guests stay) and have family/holiday videos that i want access to but not have to either transfer the files into a visible folder and remove once watched or add/remove the folders they’re stored in. And as the OG has said - I dont want these showing up in the home screen. I want no trace of them (at the moment even if i rehide/remove the folder from normal view I have to remember to make the files ‘watched’ so they dont show up on the home screen).