Passthrough not available in tvOS 11.3+ (Solution: Use 'Auto' instead)

Plex is not able to handle DTS either and moreover, it has never been, so that would be no improvement.

You are right of course, should have added back to the trusty old Mac mini, ain’t I glad I didn’t get rid of it.

Seeing the same issue here.
right after Tvos 11.3 DTS sound crashed and its just plain scratching and noise…
Passthrough in infuse is ON, and sound on apple tv is always pick best option/source or what ever its called:)

On my system i must also switch to auto :-(.
Before tvOS 11.3 Infuse working very well !
Is there no chance to make a downgrade from 11.3 ? I musst also switch to AUTO on Dolby Digital Files not only on DTS Files :frowning:
My Amplifier Pioneer SC-LX81 can PCM but Infuse / AppleTV 4K do not sending PCM Stream. I have always switch to Best Quality on the AppleTV 4K Settings.
Can Firecore anything to going this right again or is this error the fault of tvOS 11.3 ?

almost no chance to downgrade…
Since that Apple TV 4K don’t have usb-c port…
What you can do is …wait for app update…
otherwise bring your Apple TV to apple store :stuck_out_tongue:

Firecore staff is already trying to find a workaround. The problem seems to be lying in the depths of tvOS 11.3.

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Same issue here… before the upgrade to 11.3 DTS was working fine and now I am stucked with just Dolby Digital. I wish I had never done the upgrade on the Apple TV! It is also the most important reason I invested in Infuse and might give me a reason to reconsider the use of Infuse…

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Same issue in here. But I guess that’s the problems of new apple tvos.
Hope to fix it soon

This is kind of a mess.

My situation is:

Apple TV on Best Quality Available
Infuse on Auto

I understand this provides lossless audio, Infuse is handling the audio here, i will end up always having the original lossless track only that my AVR will show it as LPCM.

same issue here. I had passthrough activated and all was good. Now since yesterday afternoon I only have noice. Need to switch to Auto but it reduces heavily the audio quality.

Same here! Only DD from DTS track if I select auto, otherwise just ugly noise when passthrough on!

I have Infuse Pro on an Apple TV and found my commercial movies all have a added noise to the soundtrack. Anyone else with this problem after updating Apple TV software?

Anyone going to try 11.4 beta to see if fixed.

Just updated to today’s tvOS 11.4 beta… still NO JOY with DTS :-((((

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Are we sure this is a bug and not intentional?

I mean, iTunes movies have only Dolby Digital at best, maybe Apple doesn’t want some other apps like Infuse providing something Apple itself actually does not.

It is so weird that such a gigantic company with vast resources can’t fix something so simple these days that makes you think maybe they want it this way.

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Apple is well known to be stubborn.

Everyone with an Apple TV 4 (the one with an USB-C) you can still downgrade to tvOS 11.2.6. Right now Apple hasn’t stop signing this version, but I think this will happen this week.
I just restored my Apple TV 4 to tvOS 11.2.6 to get DTS working again.

No DTS sound here also and I have 2 Apple TV 4k boxes and I’m an Infuse Pro user. Only DD 5.1 possible right now (I don’t have a receiver capable of handling LPCM). Hope you guys have a workaround soon.

…that’s exactly my situation! Firecore, please help!

I bought Apple TV because of these features in Infuse. Now what can I do.