Passthrough not available in tvOS 11.3+ (Solution: Use 'Auto' instead)

I’m sure they will let everyone know if it ever happens

Apple changed the operating system software and now no apps on the Apple TV are able to implement passthrough of dts. This includes the native player, infuse, Plex MrMC or anything which uses the kodi base. Firecore can do nothing about it. Your issue is with Apple.

Besides, it was always a terrible solution as enabling passthrough meant that you didn’t get dts-hd or truehd.

So, you blame Firecore for not being able to control and change Apples firmware in Apple TV… Makes sense…

Please provide a link on how to get Kodi working with passthrough on Apple TV?


Ah this is quite sad, I bought infuse literally only to get a client that can native play all video formats and Passthrough DTS.

Guess there is no hope for Infuse being able to Passthrough DTS ever again…? Been 4 months and we’re on 12.0.2 now. LPCM doesn’t work with my receiver either (I only get stereo, which I would rather then get Dolby digital 5.1 with a DTS MA track but not ideal versus a full DTS output which the built in Plex / video app on my TV outputs properly).

The only thing I would like to see changed, is how the Apple TV handles audio period which would be on Apple’s end, not Firecore’s.
As I’ve said before, I have two Apple TV’s and two TV setups. one for the bedroom, and one for the living room. The HD setup, I can use InFuse as intoned with Auto, and get PCM. The 4K setup, has to be transcoded to Dolby Digital, because of Mixed HDMI standards. In the case here those who can’t do PCM multi-channel is most likely due to the older receiver not having HDMI inputs, if they did, they could do PCM multi-channel. In my case, and probably the case of hers as well, the easiest fix for Apple would to add a second HDMI out that’s audio only. However, the only real benefit would be to InFuse, and other local streaming apps. iTunes content is lossey Dolby anyway, be it standard, or Dolby+. So, it really doesn’t Make sense for Apple to send the highest quality of audio as PCM. Because it’s not really lossless audio from the source in most cases. Stereo, yes, it could be, but for multi-channel probably not, unless you’re using a solution as InFuse, MrMC, etc.

I think for a single HDMI output, and a device most people have, Roku does a better job with processing differs types of audio. They still don’t do lossless, but they don’t force everything into one format either to make things work.

I have 3 devices per setup:
Apple TV
Sony disc player
I think out of all the devices I’ve used, had experience with, if people here want DTS audio but can’t do the lossless codecs, then they should use physical media. It’s always been the best solution, and still is.

Unfortunately, we don’t really have any new info to share. There’s still no indication of whether or not Apple will be fixing the issue that breaks the method Infuse was previously using to handle passthrough. This of course affects all apps on the Apple TV.

However, we have put together a campaign which we hope will encourage Apple to enable official passthrough support, which could also allow for things like Atmos and DTS:X on the Apple TV.

More info on this campaign and ways to help can be found here.

Thank you James for your reaction. I seriously hope this feature/function will return!

I believe the solution of Apple baking the passthrough option into the OS is a better solution then doing it app by app because the functionality will be system wide, instead of limited to certain apps.

Hopefully Apple will embrace the just announced IMAX Enhanced Program IMAX AND DTS PARTNER TO LAUNCH IMAX® ENHANCED PROGRAM FOR HOME ENTERTAINMENT | IMAX, this might help drive things.

My 4K AppleTV is on 11.2.1. Passthrough works very fine DTS-HD MA, DTS and also DD TrueHD before the last Infuse update. Since the last update to 5.8.4 (2270) DTS-HD MA is no longer working the Receiver shows not the right number of tracks (only 2) as PCM and no sound is coming ! DTS in Passthrough Mode is working, TrueHD I have not tested yet. Please correct this last infuse Version and bring a new so DTS-HD MA is working since bevor !
When I switch to auto I have PCM sound with 5.1, but that is not the way I will going. Can I switch back to the Infuse Version before the 5.8.4 ?

TrueHD and dts hd have never been supported via passthrough.

My 4K AppleTV is on 11.2.1. Passthrough works very fine with DTS and DD, my question is it better i stay on this TVOS version or should i upgrade to the latest version ?
It is annoying to switch when i look a TrueHD or DTS-HD movie to AUTO instead of Passthrough.

But i think i love a little more the Sound on Passthrough instead of Auto on DD or DTS Sound on my Pioneer SX-LX801, i cannot explane more it is a feeling.

Well, the choice is yours: As you know though, Passthrough isn’t giving you the full lossless audio. It’s giving you standard DTS, and Dolby. If your receiver can do multi channel PCM, then you’re going to get better quality audio from using PCM. If you’re receiver can’t use multi-channel PCM, then leave it on passthrough as you will still get standard DTS, and Dolby digital without having to transcode either. As it’s been discussed here several times, Passthrough isn’t for HD audio, it’s for the standard codecs. Even if you were to play a movie / TV show with an HD lossless track, if using Passthrough you’re still only getting the standard codec, it’s not playing the uncompressed audio. As has already been discussed here as well: the only way to get uncompressed is to set Infuse to Auto, and the Apple TV to best quality and use PCM. Infuse will decode the codecs and send them as PCM multi-channel. The only time you would want a direct bitstream of an HD codec vs PCM is if you want ATMOS, or DTS-X.

For now, I’ve put my Apple TV 4K away, as it’s got something going on with the power supply that freaks the UPS out that’s on the same circuit. My Apple TV 4, still working fine.

Thank you for your answer !
I think I upgrade to then last TVOS when Infuse 6 come out and the may be remove the passthrough setting.
And I think also about that AppleTV is the right choice for playing all my Movies and Series :frowning:

If audio quality is that important to you, I would recommend you investigate the Shield TV or similar device. As I’ve mentioned, Apple TV with Infuse will play lossless Codecs as PCM on supported hardware. However if you want to have complete audio passthrough for HD audio, then you need a device such as the Shield TV that can send them as a bitstream. Especially if you want lossless formats such as ATMOS, and DTS X. Me personally, I’m OK with my Apple TV 4 + InFuse and sending the lossless audio as PCM, as I don’t have ATMOS support here, and don’t plan on it in the near future. My Apple TV 4K developed power supply issues, and has become unsafe to run as it causes noises and disturbs more important things in use. So I’ve put it away in it’s box as I don’t really need it over my ATV 4 at this point.

The other main thing to consider in which device you use, is do you use the Apple TV for iTunes content? if you strictly got it for InFuse and to use with you local library if media, then I would consider a Shield TV if Audio quality is important to you, and compatibility as well with codecs apple doesn’t natively support.

I’ve spoken to a few people who have come to the Shield from other devices because of similar issues with audio, and once they did, they’ve been quite happy with it as their solution for that particular application they needed it for.

When it comes to audio PCM is perfectly fine if your receiver supports it. If it doesn’t it might be more worth while to spend the money on a newer receiver rather than a new media streaming box. If you’re wondering about video/audio support with the different boxes out there I recommend looking at this thread

As is if you want great picture quality then the AppleTV + Infuse is the way to go. If you have an Atmos setup maybe take a look at vero. Personally I run two boxes. Infuse for all of my TV series and a vero for movies. If Apple opens up atmos then I’ll probably get rid of my vero.

I was saying the same thing as you, as long as you don’t want 3D audio, PCM is fine for lossless the only time PCM won’t work is if you want the 3D audio such as ATMOS, or DTSX. ATMOS needs to be sent as a direct DolbyTRUEHD bitstream to the receiver for it to work as lossless. I’m not sure how DTS X works.tThe Lossy ATMOS is streamed over Dolby Digital Plus. I’m not sure how Apple manages their ATMOS support as I don’t have a receiver capable of it.

So, when I make my recommendations, I cover just about any configure someone might want, or have, or is considering.

Thank’s for your answers !
I have an Pioneer SC-LX801 with a 5.1 configuration, and with that i cannot use Dolby Atmos i think i need 6.1 or more speakers ? PCM Streams are also working very well, but as i describe earlier it is a feeling but i think PCM is on the paper the same or better i thrust you but when i seat on the couch and see a TV Show with DD or DTS is my Favorit Passthrough is nicer for me.
Picture is for me importend, more than sound, BUT i will use my devices what the can. I have also an oppo 203 ultra HD Blu-ray Player, and with that i can also stream 4K files (no ISO Files). With the oppo i think the sound is a little better as with the Apple4KTV and Infuse. BUT Infuse is a very nice player.
Sometime a scroll into my library and have fun with the nice Covers and Collection and so on.

Is the Shield from NVidia ? I have never look on this Android Boxes. Before i use Infuse on my AppleTV4K i have Kodi on my Qnap NAS. Only in FullHD my Qnap TS-853 can not 4K, but the Sound are ALL Passthrough and no problem at all !

Your receiver supports atmos all you need is two extra height speakers to enable it; either in ceiling ones or a cheap set of upfiring speakers (check out onkyo they have some good atmos speakers).

Nvidia does make the shield. Android players are a mixed bag due to the variety in chipsets. Some work well and some don’t (ie the tegra and Realtek 129x series).

Thank you for your answer, i will buy the Teufel Reflekt Speakers and i hope to get Dolby Atmos or DTS:X on the AppleTV with Infuse.