Passthrough not available in tvOS 11.3+ (Solution: Use 'Auto' instead)

Being from the US, especially with blu-ray I’ve seen more DTS MA as well, and even a good number of the (FEW) UHD titles I have as well. I think what’s really made me question is, there seems to be a crowd raving about ATMOS, and internet streaming services typically don’t use DTS anything. Then with the last couple UHD, and one or 2 standard blu-rays have a TrueHD track. So, I wasn’t sure which direction things were moving, or if they’re even really changing at all.

My Sound bar systems give me standard DD, and DTS over optical / coaxial. For HDMI, it adds the ability for standard DD, DTS, DD+, and PCM 5.1. So I’m only missing the ability to had DTS MA and TrueHD sent as a direct bitstream. They really work well for a smaller environment such as an apartment (like me), and they don’t demand a dedicated room by requiring wires to go everywhere etc. The bar(s) have the front 3 speakers, and there is a wireless sub that a left and right surround speaker plugs into for a true 5.1 setup.

They are likely referring to a note from the VLC devs in which they claim Apple told them passthrough wasn’t supported. I’ve seen the original VLC email (and Apple’s response) and can tell you with absolute certainty they were asking the wrong question, and as a result the Apple rep simply directed them to submit a feature request.

As of today, our bug report with Apple is still open. We’ve submitted full technical details about the issue, and Apple asked for additional info in a follow-up - which seems to indicate the issue was introduced inadvertently, and they have at least some interest in fixing it.

If/when Apple actually intends to fix this is unclear, but at this point there is no reason to believe this change was intentional. It’s also possible this change is part of larger, more sweeping audio related changes coming in tvOS 12, so we’ll have to see what Apple introduces in the betas coming later this summer.?

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Hey James! Are you guys playing around the new tvOS 12 beta 2 that landed today? I gave it a test to see if by a miracle was able to get again DTS and no joy ?.. Although there are new surround settings with the ATMOS and “convert format” options.

Thanks for your update, James. We keep our hopes up!

Yes, there is also an Atmos thread where this is being discussed as well.

Awesome thanks!

I just installed the iOS 12 beta… now even Dolby digital gives a static noises when going with passthrough. So now it’s DTS and Dolby if using passthrough in the infuse sound setting…

I could surely use the lcpm or whatever it’s spelled… but if I use that… my sound gets all fuzzy… all talking primarely is on the right front speaker…

DD has given static since TVOS 11.3 when using passthrough. The way to get around that is leaving inFuse set to auto and changing in the TVOS settings from auto to dolby digital 5.1.

I would leave Infuse set to auto and tvOS set to Best Quality Available (or whatevs it is). That way Infuse decodes the audio and sends it LPCM.

In the case of @steelkeys, note that tvOS is a beta so your bound to have issues. I’m sure sound works fine if you were on tvOS 11.4 (or whatevs the current build is).

The last issue in my post is not related to beta but overall an issue I’m seeing…

So you had the issue when you were on the official release? Strange since I have those settings on my ATV4K and have no probs with voices being on the right front speaker.

Any news for passthrough ? , people focus atmos but passthrough is more important for me …

For me too!

And me…

passthrough (bitstream) would be great as it enables using the Dolby/DTS up-mixers for immersive audio (for not native Atmos/DTS-X streams).

Edit ‘post in error as upmixing works on PCM as well’ :wink:

I wonder if there is any update from the Infuse team and/or Apple on the bug report that has been filed by Infuse?

Obviously not… :frowning:

Even though infuse or atv is converting DTS to DD … is that making it low quality of DTS track or its same just encoded to DTS?

Infuse encodes to PCM which is the same quality as the original. If you are using an optical hookup to your amp then you probably have it set to decode to Dolby digital 5.1. All audio will be encoded to whatever DD supports (which is less than DTS). If you are worried about quality and you have an older non-HDMI amp/soundbar then it’s time to consider an upgrade.