Passthrough Broken on tvOS PB 11.2 (Update: fixed in b3)

DTS Passthrough Broken on tvOS public beta 11.2, confirmed with another user over on reddit. Can developers confirm and comment whether they think this is a temporary bug or a restriction Apple placed on the API?

We’ll take a look. Thanks.

FWIW, they also broke (and then fixed) passthrough during the tvOS 11.0 beta, so a similar thing could happen with 11.2.

I have exactly the same problem.
I hear only the single bad noise.
I am using “auto” because of that problem… ( the problem is at infuse Audio setting section, not at the apple tv Audio setting )

Can anyone confirm if this is fixed in the latest iOS 11.2 Public Beta 2 for tvOS, that was released today?

Public tvos 11.2 beta 2 has not released yet.
(Istanbul, at 21:51)

no, it’s not fixed

Bummer… is there a workaround for now? Downsampling to 5.1 or Stereo? Infuse setting?

infuse audio settings, set to auto

Is that effectively down sampling it to the best possible ‘working’ audio format?

i can’t answer technical questions about down sampling, all that i know is with this setting you can get multi channel sound as long as “audio passthrough” doesn’t work

This article answered my question, although I am not sure what is broken in the update that caused this to stop working in the first place.

As you can see in the above referenced thread, you’ll actually get better audio when infuse is set to auto. This is also the recommended setting for infuse.

There’s no down sampling done with Infuse set to auto.

Also broken in Beta 2, also didn’t work in MrMC either.

With beta 3 audio passthrough is fixed

Yay! Thanks for confirming. :smiley:

Hello guys. I post this message because I need your help ! Since tvOS 11.2 update (public release, not beta), Infuse Passthough became impossible !!! When I select “passthrough”, the sound is like “crypted”.

However, before tvOS 11.2, passthough worked succefuly, audio track was send to my amp, this last decoded the DST and other audio track.

Please help me !

PS : I apologize to you for my bad english : I’m french.

Have you tried setting Infuse audio to “Auto” and setting the Apple TV audio to “Best Quality Available”? This is where you will get the best quality audio.

Hello, thanks you for your answer.

In fact when I turn all options in “auto”/“best audio quality”, the sound works. But, the problem is not there. The problem is that passthrough became unusable since tvOS 11.2 update.
I would like to start by understanding why the PT worked perfectly before, but not now.

Furthermore, I prefer let my Onkyo amp decode the DTS signal (via the passthrough),
what I can not do today…

By the way, ı Wonder that, why infuse sends the hd audio formats like True hd or DTS hd ma in pcm or Multichannel format to AVR s in auto mode?
We can not never see those hd audio format’s names on avr’s screen.
Is this limit or problem because of infuse or apple tv 4k player (tvos) ?

Leaving Infuse set to Auto and the Apple TV set to Best Quality Available is the recommended option, as it will provide the best quality audio possible.

If you still prefer to use passthrough, one thing to check is that ‘Reduce Loud Sounds’ is turned off in Settings > Video and Audio. Some receivers won’t support DTS passthrough from the Apple TV, so one thing you can do that may help is leave Infuse set to Auto and the Apple TV set to Dolby Digital.

More info on the audio options available in Infuse can be found here.