Partition Map Scheme & Format type???

Ok, so I’m formatting the flash drive (to prep it for installing the software) and simply need to know the following:

  1. What format type do I use? HFS+ (journaled)? non-journaled? DOS? What?

  2. What partition Map Scheme? Master Boot Record? or GUID? or Apple Partition Map?

FYI: I’m using an Intel Mac Pro

Many thanks!

It doesn’t really matter the format of the drive. The installer will format and partition it correctly during the installation, so as long as the drive is readable on your computer you are good to go.

Thanks, that is great to know. However, since I have no idea if U3 is on my flash drive, wouldn’t it be a good idea to reformat it and zero all of the data?

Thank you again, Jim

If you have U3 on your drive then open up Disk Utility and click on the Drive (not the partition) and click the Partition tab. From there click 1 Partition and then Options at the bottom. Choose GUID as it is definitely compatible with the AppleTV. It really doens’t matter, but this way you will also now the U3 is off the drive for sure. Click Apply after that and it will format the USB drive.

Many thanks!