[PARTIALLY-SOLVED] ATV 4 flash update doesn't start


I installed the atv 3 update, and after some days i installed the atv 4 flash. installation ran over correctly, the atv rebooted some times but now, all i get is the introductory clip and the apple logo. No way to get over. Remote not working. If i reboot, it is the same.

Please tell me what to do and, what to do to at least replace the atv 3 firmware.

[size=150][color=#FF0000]UPDADE: Although this seems not to work for all (see the post by JRBTempe on page 2), the solution for this problem that worked fine for me is in the last post of this page and in the first of the second.[/color][/size]

I am having the same exact problem. I updated to ATVFlash 4.0 today. This went fine. Then I enabled updates and allowed the Apple TV to update to version 3.0. After that the Apple TV rebooted and the intro screen came up with all of the pictures culminating in the stream of light and the Apple TV…then, a black screen and nothing at all. If I wait a few minutes nothing changes. However, if I use the remote I can hear the beeps as though the menu is responding, but I see nothing on the screen.

By the way, I have been using an external hard drive in place of the internal drive. It makes no difference if I have it plugged in or not after the upgrade. I still can not see anything after the apple tv boots. I have rebooted several times. How do I reverse this process?

I have the exact same problem. Black screen after reboot, but no way to access or use ATV. Remote is clicking but no menus. HELP!!!
This all happened after 4.0 upgrade. Auto update is off so the ATV did not update to the 3.0.1 version of the software.

I had this problem too, but I just reformatted the USB stick, started over, installed it on the ATV, and then it installed correctly.

can you tell me how did you reformatted the usb stick ? i’m not able to see the stick any more when i connect it (i’m using windows - since it doesn’t understand the partition type, it just ignore it). I tried the disk management under control panel and acronis disk director, but both of them can’t format the disk.
Only Firecore’s program can see the drive and format it.

Now i’ll try to format the drive using the installer, and retry to install the patch on the atv. Will let you know.

nothing to do.

[size=200][color=#FF0000]Firecore’s stuff please provide help.[/color][/size]


I formatted it using Mac’s disc utility. Windows won’t see the USB drive? Hmm… I would find a friend with a mac and do it there :slight_smile:

Unfortunatly, no mac friends !

silly question time on the usb stick there is not a little switch that you can lock the device with. To stop you overwriting to it i know i have one on mine


There is a guide for reformatting a drive using Mac OS or Windows here:

thank you, didn’t noticed it.

Folks, the program works good. I reformatted the drive, plugged it off, replugged, installed the atv flash update, installed on the apple tv and now it works !

Maybe something remains on the drive when the atv flash program reformat it.

I updated the title of this thread so everyone can find the solution about this problem

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this issue isn’t solved so easily. It happened to me with ATVFlash 4.0 and now again this morning with 4.0.1… I had to restore my ATV both times and start from scratch! I always format my flash drive before an ATVFlash install… with 4.0 I didn’t bother to delete the program first (I just copied over it like I always have), but with 4.0.1 this morning I did. My ATV rebooted… and rebooted… and rebooted… and finally asked if I wanted to restore again.

Very frustrating, I hope this bug gets squashed for real on future updates…

I’m sorry for this, but I can’t help you. All I can do is change the title of the tread.

Why did you change the title of the thread? This thread started with 2 people (me being one) who have installed the ATV Flash update “successfully” only to get an apple tv that will no longer boot properly. I have contacted Fire Core by phone (got voice mail) and by email and received no responses. I also have not found anyone who has a solution on the forums, only people that have the same problem. I have no way that I know of at this point to restore my Apple TV. If anyone can make any suggestions I would (and many others it appears) be grateful.

Thank you to jreffner@fuse.net who listed the instructions to do a factory restore.

I changed the title because it was solved for me. I think the new PARTIALLY SOLVED is good now.

So, did you solved the problem restoring to factory settings ?