Parsing embedded metadata (covers and advanced info)

Hi. Thanks for great and almost perfect application for ATV 4. But one important feature missing.
My application (XviD4PSP 7) create complete embedded media files (all advanced tags supported in MKV and MP4 only).
Infuse don’t use embedded cover from MKV/MP4. Will be very nice ability for some movies and concerts that not found online and option use only emebedded info.

MKV can use any tags by default.
MP4 can use any tags in iTunMOVI XML tag.

Example - embedded meta movie mkv:

Example - embedded meta movie mp4:

Example - embedded meta episode mkv:

Example - embedded meta episod mp4:

Screenshot - Metadata tab of XviD4PSP 7.0.190 with opened/fetched movie:

Screenshot - Metadata tab of XviD4PSP 7.0.190 with opened/fetched episode:

Screenshot - Advantage of embedding:

XviD4PSP 7.0.190 Mac64 (for embedding testing):

Infuse will be the best :)! Thank you again.

This is actually supported in the current version, and if you want to force Infuse to use embedded metadata instead of fetching it you can disable ‘Metadata Fetching’ in the Settings menu.

No, its not a true. Work just description, genre and covers for MP4 only. Whats happen with all other important tags used in Infuse - year, writer, director, rating, actors and covers for MKV (just most important)? Itt just few short lines of code.

Proper info:

What really work in MKV :((( :

What really work in MP4 :((( :

TV Shows even afraid to try.
All examples with complete embedded metadata you can find in my first post.

PS: iTunes read fine all my embedded info in MP4:

I am also seeing this.

Infuse 4 ignores the majority of the embedded metadata in my mp4 files.

Hope one day Infuse will read covers from MKV. Dream about main tags almost dead … ;(
Do you need libavformat patches for iTunMOVI reading and help in reading MKV attachments as data?
It`s just few lines of code …

@winnydows out of interest are you using DLNA or SAMBA for connection?

SAMBA over WiFi ac/ limited range. Ok for most high bitrate movies.

I’m DLNA over Ethernet (Apple TV) and Wifi (mobile devices)

With DLNA covers and metadata reading parsed on server side and PLEX do it better (Infuse don`t parse TVShows or do it very strange). Rocks of Infuse is direct reading from NAS or SMB share without servers.
100mbit Ethernet is to slow for 1080p. Only for 720p or 1080p with high compression.

Here’s the topic about my TV findings:

(basically, for best results: strip tags and let infuse do it all )

Ethernet is fine for my media right now. But good to know that I have some headroom with Wi-Fi AC if I need it.

We may look at adding support for additional embedded tags in a future version, but we really don’t recommend using embedded tags for the simple reason that it’s very, very slow.

In essence, in order to read these tags, Infuse first needs to download a portion of the file from wherever it’s stored. If you only have a handful of files this may not be a big deal, but it will be more noticeable with folders containing large numbers of files, especially if the file sizes are larger.

Is there a performance difference for mp4 files that have been optimised?

Read embedded tags and cover from file slower than from internet? Itss a joke ? I read tags and covers from files in my application and its always much much much faster then from internet (I have online parsers also). Embedded data must be parsed for new files only, same as now you do online parsing. If your engine slow parse metadata its look like a bug. I just use libavformat (probably same as you already use for reading) + few patches for advanced tags and its damn fast.
Some movies or shows just dont have online info. One movie may have many covers. Some times I dont like cover that stored on your server as preferred. I just want to see my preferred cover (already embedded in my media file).
For this cases embedded info will be great improvement. And it much improve info parsing. Without any speed lose.

PS. Just now try new version. Great thanks for Delete and Watched icon. Its`s great! Thanks :).

I cant believe that read movie header from file with libavformat much slower than download already parsed info from internet server. But Im never do it from SMB connection, and in that case it my be not so fast. Any way you already do it and have option, just need read more tags and read covers from MKV (cover attachment is just data, read it to memory and parse as file (same as SMB override, but as memory reader)).
PS. Hope Infuse will parse TVShows in similar to PLEX way in one day (not all TVShows as one big trash episodes).

As far as I know, it applies to all non-local files.

The issue isn’t so much the speed at which the metadata can be read and parsed, but that the process simply requires at least a snippet of that file to be located on the same device. It’s this initial download action which slows everything down.

We may revisit this in the future if we find a good way to optimize it.

infuse play files over SMB, not local files. So what difference? Just open remote media file with same wrapper and read first image packet and read tags from same engine - all tags will be read in AVDictionary just after context will be opened. Just need convert tags to internal struct of Infuse.

Great news!!! Latest Infuse build read covers from MKV (and do it fast)!!! No more unknown shows, concerts, circus !!! Thanks !!!
Hope one far far day all metadata also will be read. Now Infuse read just Description tag from MKV files :((.

After one day of testing found few problems:

Embedded data must be updated if file write date changed.
If few images exists, use “cover” named as preferred (don`t forget strip extension) - banner as cover look not funny. Probably for TVShows thumbnail named image must be preferred.
Must be manual update possibility for embedded data - selection of file name (first item) must read embedded data (even is server meta already loaded for this file).

PS. Somebody can explain me logic why TVShows in separate folders come in one random trash list (if add favorite folder with few folder separated TVShows) ? Why I cant keep human logic - each TVShows in own folder? Some episodes may stay in own folder - more look like random. Its a bug a kind of strange logic?
All episoded is proper named and Infuse show S1-E02 as name (!?). Why you dont use episode title or name from file (if Infuse cant read title tag) ?

So has some of this changed with Infuse Pro v5.0 & up? Meaning, does Infuse 5 read embedded metadata from mp4 / mkv files much more efficiently now?

Also will Infuse 5 load custom artwork from an MP4 file that I have embedded a poster & fanart (background) into, using ‘Subler’ for Mac OS X? I have provided a screenshot to clarify what I am talking about…


A little bit better - added possibility force Use embedded meta in selected favorite. But for update still need delete favorite and than add again.
Also new media base mode know nothing about favorites if all of them use embedded meta.
Also incompatible with poster + background - must read poster/cover named image or just use FIRST image, as do all similar apps, not last.