Parental Lock

Will I be able to install what’s wanted and make sure nothing else is installed?

Specifically, I would NOT like a browser installed on this machine, and I would like to disable any function to do so.

Once it is all set up, can this be done?

Like… Does ATV Flash pull the install files from the internet once its all installed on the apple tv? or are they pulled from the usb key?

If its the usb key, then its a simple issue of removing it.
If it pulls them frmo the internet, is there anyway to block/remove certain ones?

Yes. Any of the plugins/apps can be added, updated and removed through the Maintenance > Manage Plugins menu. More info here:


So once I remove it, there is NO way to re-install the browser without the usb key again?

It's not just unistalling the app, but completely removing it, untill you put it back on from usb?

Well it could be re-installed through the Maintenance --> Manage Plugins menu. We don't recommend it, but you could install aTV Flash without the Maintenance item which would block any installations unless you reinstall using a USB drive.

Sounds like that would work fine.  Then just re-flash later if you want to change something.