Parental Controls

With 3 kids, I am really needing parental controls.

When the metadata is downloaded for movies, you can clearly see the moving rating…

Would be great if you could setup a pin number for any movie rated PG-13 and above…then when a PG-13 or R movie is selected to watch, you have to enter that pin in…

And don’t forget unrated material…

This is planned for a future version.

Have suffered a serious father of the year situation lately!!!

My 6yr old son was telling my sister in law how he was watching a movie with a girl putting things in her the other day :[… Sooo not a proud moment, but when the kids know how to use it so easily i shouldn’t be surprised and should have taken better care to make sure it was harder to access the files…

Anyway how far would this feature be? i would like to pin/password protect a singular “adults only” folder if possible or pin protect the “my files” tab…


I strongly support this topic !! Please update soon - that funcionality does not appear to be a huge effort but maybe I’m wrong… Thanks a lot

I have also been looking for information on this subject. Is this in place yet?




PLEASE firecore - this is something that is really needed :)

Any recommended workaround to making this happen? Can you prefix a folder with a special character to remove it from scan?  Anything others have had success with???

One more vote for this feature - it’s a must have in my opinion.


Preference would be to a pin-protect entire shares or libraries ( if you can even have multiple libraries - i’m a newbie here )

I hope that this function can be added in 2.2.1 soon. 

+1 from me too.

I’d really like to have some 18 rated content available, but not to my kids.

Perhaps the option to passcode content with a <choose> rating or above?

Hi guys,

          Any news on this feature, or at least a timeline? I am sure a huge demographic of yours are parents and this is of serious concern.

I would vote for protection by pin of both folders and files as sometimes the metadata is incorrect so you’d need a way to block of the entire folder.

I am not sure if you guys have a feature poll, but maybe a good idea to see what stuff should be prioritised for the next release. Customer driven feature selection would go a long way to crowd pleasing and ensure lots of paid ugrades :) 


Any news on Parental Controls? 

My 2yr old is starting to get quite adept at navigation Infuse!

This thread is now 4 years old and still no parental controls. I love Infuse but won’t use it until parental controls are available. It’s Plex until then.

So sad …

I love Infuse but this is a major issue for any family with younger kids. Is this ever actually going to become a reality?

I don’t think anyone reads this forum or I assume some response would have been made.

I also do not see what is so hard about adding a pin for anything unrated or above a certain available (in metadata) rating.

Having said that, don’t get me wrong … I have been a long time user and love the product, just a pity this is not available.


It’s only a matter of time when I walk into the living room and my 3 year old daughter is watching S07E01 of The Walking Dead.

Yeah, this would be so good. Just so we could lock selected folders and disable Library view to stop our son browsing the whole library.