Parental Controls

I have one suggestion, one minor bug, and one question.

First, the suggestion. Is it possible to change the password entry screen to be able to just type numbers in with the keyboard? The interface is a giant pain to use going back and forth to select the numbers. It would be nice to just use my Remote app to enter the numbers with the keyboard. It’s also impossible to put in a password without someone being able to see which numbers you input.

Second, the bug. The Allowed Movie Ratings list in the app is incorrect, for iOS and tvOS. The list for the US currently is G, NR, PG, PG-13, and Not Rated. There are two NR and R is missing, and I guess technically NC-17 is missing too. I don’t need it but I’d imagine some people might.

Third, the question. For movies and tv shows without ratings, is there a way to add my own that Infuse would use?

The Remote app isn’t currently able to be used for entering PINs, but this is something we are hoping to find a solution for soon. There is another thread which talks about this here. Remote App not working properly for parental guide

Also, the list of ratings you see in Infuse is generated from your actual Library, so unless you have rated R or NC-17 content you will not see it there. This is done to allow for flexibility with other countries who use different rating systems, and users who may have content from a variety of countries.

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