Parental Controls: Restrict settings, editing, but not search

I have several family members using Infuse on an Apple TV. They are not the most technically minded and I don’t want them to accidentally change settings or metadata.

I previously used the Parental Controls to achieve this and it worked perfectly. Both the main settings menu as well as item edit buttons were protected behind a passcode.

However in a recent update, it appears the search screen has also been protected. I can see the reasoning behind this, but I would still like users to be able to search.

I guess what I’m looking for is some kind of Kiosk Mode. Maybe a quick fix would be to add one extra setting to the Parental Controls where you could choose whether to also restrict the search page or not?


Hey ashjmcfox,
Refer to my thread here.

I hit the same issue. Firecore team have marked this as PENDING. Let’s hope they can get it into a delta release shortly.


Thanks for the link. Hopefully they’ll implement this soon.

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