Parental controls on iPhone and ATV

Hi there. I have a question about the parental controls which I have enabled in infuse 6 pro on my ATV 4K and my iPhone with iOS 13.

On my ATV everything’s is protected with the PIN and is not accessible (without search, sync and playing Media). This Protection includes also the favorites submenu and metadata edit.

On my iPhone is the protection similar. But if I go to the section files (favorites) and press longer one item (favorit) a submenu opens and I can change between online Metadata and lokal Metadata without PIN. The rest of the submenu without the play options is PIN protected (delete / remove from favorite/ activate PIN Protection). Is it possible to activate here also the PIN to denied the access to metadata switching?
The „activate PIN Protection„ from the submenu is no solution because this protect the opening of the item (Favorit) with PIN.

Thanks for helping.

Thank you for the update. Very fast support. Great.

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