Parental Controls "Do Not Work"


Considering Infuse cannot access Plex Home User profiles - although it’s been on their radar since 2017 - I have to rely on the Parental Controls within the Infuse iOS App. - (v. Pro 6.6.2 (3471)) running on iOS 14.4.1.

However, even though I have Parental Controls enabled and “Allowed Movies & TV Shows” ratings selected, they can still access and play any and all content without even being prompted for the PIN.

(Settings > Parental Controls > Allowed Movie Ratings and Allowed TV Show Ratings)

I wish Infuse was capable of filtering out the content ratings that were not selected for Allowed to avoid the need for a PIN for anything other than accessing Parental Controls within Settings.

I have Restrictions, Use Touch ID and a Passcode set.

So, does Infuse’s Parental Controls only work with SMB Shares and not Media Servers like Plex?

If they are supposed to work, then does anyone have any experience with this same issue and have a solution that worked for them?

I noticed several threads related to the Plex Home User profiles support going back to 2017 and every reply states “it’s on their radar”. It’s MAR 2021 now. Is it STILL on the radar or just tucked under the rug?


UPDATE 1 (2021-03-15):

I decided to blow out the Plex link and use just the SMB Share option.
The Parental Controls still DO NOT work.
All content is accessible with Parental Controls enabled as described in my initial post above.

Try reversing the ratings you have checked.