Parental Control -- how?

Infuse 5.3 adds parental control among many other great features.

Unfortunately, neither the app nor blog mentions how to use this feature. All my contents are properly tagged and muxed by iFlicks 2, with proper content rating. But “Allowed Movie Ratings” and “Allowed TV Show Ratings” show only “Not Rated” as the option.

So how does it work?

It looks like the feature depends on online meta data, not embedded tag. And it does not FILTER contents from the list. Merely prevents contents from being played (with passcode/Touch ID lock). I would much prefer contents filtered, with easy “on/off” switch to temporarily show all contents.

This works with online metadata, embedded metadata, and external (XML/NFO) metadata.

You’ll just need to ensure Infuse is displaying the rating you are hoping to use on the video details page/ticket, as this is what it will use for restrictions.

I’m OK with this, as everything in my library has the correct rating (PG, R, etc.) and you are able to set a new password that is different from your iPad password when you turn on the restrictions. This keeps R-rated movies away from my kids.

However, my son has an iPad with fingerprint sensor and he is allowed to view all content just by using his fingerprint. Is this intentional? If I’m asked to set a new restrictions password for infuse, why does the same fingerprint he uses to unlock his iPad allow him to access R-rated content?

By default, enabling Parental Controls on iOS also allows enables Touch ID. However, Touch ID can be disabled within Infuse through the Settings > Parental Controls menu. Also, the PIN you setup in Infuse is separate from the main PIN for your iOS device - so you would be able to give your son Touch ID/PIN access to your device, while still restricting certain content in Infuse with a separate PIN.

I didn’t even see that option. Thanks for responding!