Parent folder shown as content when contains VIDEO_TS

I assume that it is a feature that any folder that itself contains a VIDEO_TS folder shows in Media player not as a folder but as content (blue dot instead of folder icon). This makes sense generally, but if you happen to have a folder that contains both playable media files and a VIDEO_TS folder, those other files are effectively hidden from the Media player UI.

Would recommend that the blue dot appear only if the folder containing the VIDEO_TS folder doesn’t also contain other playable media.



I don’t understand why you would have both?

I’ll often have a parent folder with a movie name; in that folder is the VIDEO_TS DVD rip along with a Handbraked .mp4 file (or multiple files in the case of TV shows).

Your best option will be to place the VIDEO_TS folder in it’s own folder inside the parent folder.




Doing this will show two playable copies of Inception, one being the original DVD and the other being the Handbraked MP4.

Yeah, I understand. Thanks.