Parallax posters

Is that possible to had an option to choose movies and tvshows poster from ?
Thanks for the app which is the best for ATV


Neat idea. :wink:

Moving to suggestions for now.


Came here to post exactly the same question and offer the same suggestion!
Parallax posters would be awesome.

This should be a lot easier to implement as it’s just been open-sourced!

I didn’t even consider this a possibility but this would be awesome sauce.

Any further progress?

Would love this.

+1 for me

+1000. Even just enabling compatibility with this file format, and letting users obtain and set the .lsr files as the movie art themselves would be fantastic. I expect making Infuse compatible with .lsr files on AppleTV would be a quick and easy thing to implement if the devs didn’t have to worry about coding to pull the art from some database, too. I’ve been making a ton of awesome parallax covers just in case this ever gets implemented!

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This would be great!


I came here to suggest this, this would be great.


Just reviving this thread for the Infuse staff. Been a few years since OP, and this feature “seems” easy enough to implement (although I am admittedly NOT a developer). I’d say the feature doesn’t necessarily have to connect to any given LSR artwork source – rather, simply adding compatibility for LSR file formats, and allowing for DIY assignment of LSRs to movies like the current process for manually setting regular artwork in the Finder. It’s definitely a small, non-functional feature, but would breathe some life into our beloved movie and TV libraries.



Bummer it looks like this source is gone.

I think it would be great if Infuse supported LSRDb to display parallax images.