Papaltv - a commandline shell for Aircontrol

Hi guys,

I’ve spent quite a bit of time recently working on an app for terminal style control of (jailbroke) AppleTV’s running Aircontrol.

If you’re looking for a nice app with  a good gui where you can click buttons and control things from your phone this is not the app for you.


Anyway it’s all commandline baby:


   awesomehost: $ papaltv
      | |    Welcome to Papaltv,
     (_   )      you are blessed.
       | |
|          apple-tv.local   

    apple-tv.local$ ls
     Add Site
     Apple Events

    apple-tv.local$ cd /Settings/General


The whole thing started out as a bit of a personal joke but I actually find it super useful (then again… I wrote it for me so I ought).

If you’re the “tinkering” sort I also split the core functionality out into a python library included with the package and even included instructions at the end for customising with an example customed version name Popeville.

There’s more info and screenshots on the page, I’ll try to check back here every now and again to see if anyone gets some use out of it. I’ve got plans to contact the guys here who wrote the aircontrol package to see if they’ve any interest in adding one or two things which would enable crazy-awesome integration but we’ll see how it goes!


Cheers - Andrew.