Pandora support

Hi I’d like to request a pandora plugin similar to the one.


As an alternative, you may want to look into the Pandora XBMC plugin. It works quite well.

The Pandora interface in XMBC isn’t that good and XBMC on ATV2 isn’t that good either (yet).

It works well on my XBOX 1…

=O, WHAT?!

Version 1.2.9, on the ATV2 works great!

+1 for Pandora.  I don’t want to leave the native ATV UI, I drink the Pandora koolaid (paid account) and would like to run it similar to

+1 for Pandora!  :slight_smile:

I would just like FireCore to address this issue on some level. is essentially a paid service on aTV as there is a very small free window followed by a Subscription Only plan.

While I understand that Netflix is pay only, there are no “free” providers giving us the level of service that Netflix does, yet there are “free” providers for music, e.g. Pandora.

At least give us the option of removing from the menu system.

An otherwise excellent piece of software.

Not sure what you are asking for? Last FM does not appear on the ATV2 menus unless you have installed that feature via the FireCore Manage Extras option on the Maintenance menu. If you have previously installed it, removing it via that route makes it disappear from the ATV2 menus.

(right click in management to remove)


Thank you.  I’ll just quietly sit over here in the corner.

+1 for Pandora … the XBMC plugin is pretty sad … and it’s a hassle to have to go into XBMC to use it.

+1 Pandora !!!

Please add Pandora.

+1 on adding a Pandora App for install to main menu through Maintenance.

+1 on Pandora. Going through XBMC is not exactly wife friendly.