Pandora Radio

I’m just one of those people who prefer Pandora to Last FM.

Wondering if Pandora Radio is in the works? I currently use it via my WDTV Live Plus but now that I have an ATV 2 Black I want to phase out the WDTV.

Thanks in advance for any input.

Super. I agree as well. Pandora?

Yes Pandora Radio.

You can do Pandora via Playon  aka  to your Apple TV running XBMC.



Would prefer just to be able to install like Last FM. :)

No external PC. Save energy, save the planet.

   Just read an article that many set top DVR consume about 2/3 the energy of a refrigerator for a year.  Runny contstantly.  So I see your point.  But also know that if I want to save money and be healthy too, might as well stop cooking and eat raw vegetables as much as possible.   Not to go too far off on a tangent.  not to hijack the thread.