Painfully slow when adding media via WebDAV

I’m not sure if others have/are experiencing this but when I add all my media into Infuse via WebDAV (using Synology NAS) and is extremely painfully slow. Adding by Emby or Plex server is a tad slow but absolutely nothing like WebDAV. Any reason why?

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What do you mean by add into Infuse? Having it indexed?

By my experience, every time I loads the webdav folder content is painfully slow on Infuse. But no issue on playing, it’s very quick.

I have the same issue if I understood correctly, after adding the media to the folder on the server, then it takes like 10-15min before the files are indexed…

This is over WebDAV and SMB

Can confirm, having this issue too. Refreshing my WebDav folder takes 10x longer than SMB even though the server is 250mbps+.