Paid version

Hey guys,

great work as always..just went to review the app in the app store and came across a few that were giving you 1* because they have to pay for NAS streaming.. maybe (if there is a way) you can have like a 5-10minutes limit to watching NAS files so people can check quality/other features (such as subtitle support) without paying..just a thought. May also push a lot more sales your way..:)


Also, I requested a few features a while back but didn't get an update (I presume you were busy with the next update!) but just a reminder of what they were:

1. The app lets you select folders on NAS drive to cache, so whenever you are on the same network, it will automatically display all files as if they are on the device - this also allows metadata updating to be a lot faster. - User can re-sync if new files are added to that folder.

2. Search feature allows user to search through all fines (on device and cached).

3. Allow users to select which poster art and backdrop (from TMDB/TVDB) they want displayed, and remember selection (for cached files)

4. Manual editing of metadata.


5. On iPhone, when in landscape mode, only the backdrop view is visible and it can be cumbersome to swipe through all images to select the one you want..any way we can just swipe up (like on iPad) to view the posters below?


Thanks again and can't wait for the update!

Doesn’t it do this already? I have Films, Kids Films and TV as shortcuts on my homescreen. When I look inside a folder all of the artwork etc is cached.

Can you show a screenshot? when I want to watch from my NAS, I have to tap on the ‘Poster’ of my saved NAS drive, and wait while all the movies load - and a lot of the times I have noticed that not all of them load and/or they are not in alphabetical order…

Sure. (500 Days of Summer is NOT mine)

How did you do that? I can only manage to map my main drive… can you show me how to map specific folders? I would really appreciate it…


Also still on iPhone, with the option “view list” not selected in portrait mode all my series are regrouped by season, great feature, but in landscape mode they are not. Instead, they are all individualy shown.
If it’s not too troublesome to include the regrouped view in landscap modee, that would be appreciated…