Paid app vs subscription?

Infuse Pro is available two different ways - as an annual subscription from within the free Infuse app, and as a standalone paid app. The annual subscription option will cover all future updates (even major ones like v6, v7, etc…). The one-time purchase option will cover all v5 updates.

Download Infuse (annual subscription w/ free 30 day trial)

Download Infuse Pro (one-time fee)

While both versions contain the exact same features, how they each take advantage of Family Sharing is a bit different.

Share Infuse Pro In-App Purchase

Download Infuse and purchase Infuse Pro via the In-App Purchase option.
Ensure all family members are included in your Family Sharing group (more info here).
Download the free Infuse app on other family members devices (more info here).
Log in to the same trakt account on each device (create a free trakt account at if you don’t already have one).
Share Infuse Pro paid app

Download Infuse Pro
Ensure all family members are included in your Family Sharing group (more info here).
Download the Infuse Pro app on other family members devices (more info here).
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Hi guys.
I have a question regarding this explanation.
I have the paid app, ie. infuse pro app. But as I understand, I will not get the newer updates other than v5?
But if I have the paid app, then I’ll get the newer updates like v6 v7 etc.?

Correct, the subscription version covers all future updates to version 5.X as well as including version 6.X, 7.X, etc. as long as you keep your subscription paid. If your subscription lapses and you don’t renew your subscription then you will no longer have use of the app at any version.

The single payment app is good for all 5.X updates. When version 6 is released you’d have to purchase that one in order to get the new features that version 6.X has over version 5.X but if you don’t purchase version 6.X you’d still have version 5.X to use as is.

I don’t work for FireCore but that’s how I understand it.

Can someone confirm that? My understanding is that I stay with the latest „pro“ version of infuse after cancellation of my subscription.

If you are using the free app with subscription to get the pro features, if your subscription is no longer valid you will lose the pro features.

If this is true then you are better off with the pro version because you can use the pro features forever.

Yes and no.

As I said above if you outright purchase the Pro version as in now with version 5.x then you will not receive any updates once Infuse goes to version 6.X and above. You will only be able to use version 5.

Remember, the subscription is not as much as the outright pro version so you could subscribe for about a few years before you have as much in it. Infuse has been pretty active with the updates so just be prepared to be behind a version without the additional goodies and without the updates if Apple changes things in the future to the os.

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