P0sixspwn? evasi0n? softra1n? Any of these work on Apple TV?

I see there’s been a flurry of activity in the jailbreaking community lately, and while some of these new releases seem like they may work on the Apple TV, I have yet to see a confirmed report of this.

My situation is that I have an Apple TV running… I think 4.x on it.  I would like to update it to whatever the most useful option currently available is.

By useful, I mean:

  • Can be jailbroken
  • Can have XBMC on it
  • Netflix works on it
  • Preferably is an untethered JB

What are my options?  I know that Seas0nPass can do a tehtered JB of 5.3 - but, for instance, if I upgrade to 6.0.2, will the newly release p0sixspwn JB it for me without a tether?