Own poster for 4K bluray folder

How can i choice an extra poster for a 4k bluray folder?
For example, Folder name is “Batman 4K” …

Try this?


i dload front covers from http://www.blu-ray.com/ and change the name of the jpg file to folder.jpg. video file and folder.jpg must be in the same folder.

Are you only presenting the Blu-Ray folders or ISOs or MKV for files? For me I have a separate folder for UHD, then all files (I make all of my rips into ISO format after the folder creation) under that folder. If I want movie xyz to have a different poster than I download the correct poster, name the file xyz.jpeg and place it into the UHD folder.

MKV files, like this


and each movie has their own folder. Folder.jpg goes in there and infuse should scan it.

Yes, I can make it for all easy extensions as mkv, iso easily in normal conditions but for bdmv folder ı can not.
For example
I have a main folder. Named, “4K Movies”
One of the movie folder’s inside that folder name is: Batman 4K , SUB folders are: BDMV + CERTIFICATE
Where should ı put my poster.jpeg and with which name (“poster.jpeg” or “Batman 4K.jpeg” etc) ?
4K Movies - Batman 4K - BDMV + CERTIFICATE

I believe (I haven’t tested this) you need to place the poster into the “Batman 4k” folder and name it the same name as the folder (ie Batman 4K.jpeg)

Unfortunately, non of them worked :frowning:

Another idea?

In this case, you would place ‘Batman 4K.jpeg’ NEXT to the Batman 4K folder - since the folder itself will appear as the playable item in Infuse.


Movies/Batman 4K/[video files here]
Movies/Batman 4K.jpg

I already tried this. No success …

Sorry. Just double-checked and overriding artwork for folder-based videos isn’t available right now, but is on our list to look into.

Thanks for the quick response
Please, find a solution for this.

Any news?

Dear James
When it will be available?
Any eta ?

Any improvement?