Overwhelmed - Flash On Firefox...Yes? just not on Boxee?

I’m sorry if this is a dumb question but I think I’m just getting things mixed up and tied in together…

So do I have this right (probably not) (and yes I’ve read the wiki’s but am just not that bright)

If I want to watch hulu or cbs or justin.tv type video sites with atvflash I CAN do so in the firefox app in nitotv IF I have the coreaudiofile installed (with the correct version which someone very nicely offered to send to me) and am running things thru a PC

So this is independant of boxee functioning then and the whole issue over flash that was updated today can be bypassed if i just watch what i want in Firefox where flash should work?

I honestly am frustrated by the issues on ATVFlash but maybe not because things aren’t working…I think its that there’s just SO much stuff that some of us can’t put together (or just me : ) that you start to get really thinking “Look at all this stuff, where do i start, am i updated on this, do i have to upgrade this before i install this to upgrade this other thing…” I can see this being what you are planning it and what we hope it to be but damn, as a user, its sometimes hard to keep the basics straight and I think that coupling that with us trying to understand what the people on here who actually are tech savvy are doing and we get ATV envy frustration vs just ATV frustration…

Anyways, I am frustrated that some things work, some don’t, some things you end up having to install more than a few times with a lot more effort than was made out in STUFF or other places that made this seem like software that you just pop in and its done and it takes care of itself…I’m not lazy, but I didn’t expect to spend as many HOURS getting stuff set up and resetting it up and resetting that up…and then having to do a restore etc. ATVFLASH, I think that’s maybe where a lot of people’s frustration is coming from so I guess, I personally do appreciate the effort and the tech support but still, I hope you understand when we get a little confused/frustrated/crusty…

Vent, off, Thanks in advance for answering my question which again, is likely not the brightest, I think I’m just over my head at points and need a interactive troubleshooting visual map…IF this than that…
Happy Belated Ukrainain New Years

Hey Ukrainianoiler-

I feel your frustration. I’m very technical and having major issue’s working and understanding aTV Flash.

I noticed that you have Firefox and Flash working on your end. How did you get it going? I’m using Firefox, but I can’t get any Flash related video’s which require QuickTime to work.

Was it difficult to get this going on your end?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry Dean,
Now I’m the confusing one : ) I don’t have flash working…I don’t think. The only streaming channels I have been able to get have been on justin.tv and I looked again last night and it was thru boxee that I had it going I guess, though I couldn’t get it going again (its been thru there that its been on again, off again)…not sure why it works sometimes and others not. I figured out where my confusion is from is from all the duplication of services (I think…) … for me anyways. And like I said, I’m not a brain surgeon either so it may be I just can’t keep it all in check…

I would be majorly happy if i could just get the justin.tv app working consistently…just for the low grade but still free tv channels when I can’t get my hockey games locally…that and I’m sadly a old WWE fan and like all the old wrestling shows…anyone have any alternate sites that work for that sort of viewing (and if you do, which program are you using that its working on) I’m also in Canada so still have to get the region blocker dealie going.


For some reason, I thought you have Flash up and running with Firefox. It seems some people have it working and others are still scratching their heads.

When I try to play anything Quicktime in Firefox, I get this message:

The Quicktime Plug-in requires the Quicktime System Extension version 7.0 or later.
Quicktime is available from http://www.apple.com/quicktime
Get Quicktime or Cancel

Have you even seen this?