Overscan via HDMI

I have noticed that outputing infuse 2 via hdmi to my TV that it does not fill the screen completly (maybe 90-95% of full HD screen).  The same videos streamed via Airvideo HD and Videoscreen do.

I suspect it needs some overscan adjustment but there is none in Infuse, any suggestions?

Is this happening with all videos, or just a few?

Can you try a different resolution setting? The resolution settings can be found by tapping the gear icon while a video is playing, and HDMI cable is connected.

Well it seemed to fix itself as it worked properly the next time I tried it.

Under the gear icon there are no resolution options however just whether or not you want it stretched or cropped.  When you said resolution did you mean a setting for say 1920*1080 etc because I can’t see any of that (some other programs have such an option as well as settings for Overscan?