Overriding Genre for a couple of movies

What is the recommended method for overriding the Genre tag for a small number of movies? Currently, my approach is to use tinyMediaManager to download metadata from TMDB, make the necessary changes, and then create an NFO file. I have set up Infuse to utilize online and local metadata, which appears to work. However, I am curious if there is a better approach. One problem with what I am doing is that I won’t receive updates from TMDB for the movies whose tags I override.

As an aside, tinyMediaManager insists on creating a “movie.nfo” file in the movie folder rather than a “movie filename.nfo” file in the parent folder, even though I set it to do so in the settings. I’ve had to move and rename the file for each movie whose tag I modified.

Apologies for the newbie question. I’ve been using Infuse (and TMDB) for only a week. I have, however, been ripping DVDs and Blu-rays for over a decade, and played them in various ways using various approaches. Infuse is, all in, the BEST player I’ve ever used!

Currently that’s probably the best approach. For a small number of movies it’s not too bad having to rename the file if you can’t get tmm to cooperate.

There’s a users guide for this if you haven’t found it yet.

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Thank you. I have read the user guide, it was very helpful. I’ll post the tmm Reddit forum regarding the file handling. Perhaps it’s just a bug.

By the way, is there any hope you would support movie-specific files (e.g., nfo files, posters, fanart) residing in the movie subfolder rather than the parent folder? This has been the convention with several applications I’ve used, dating back to mymovies. It makes for a cleaner directory structure.

Your current way is, however, MUCH better than Kodi’s approach, which is to have the nfo in the video folder of all places. Yuch!

I’m guessing you mean not having the nfo file at the same level as the movie to keep your movies folder cleaner. I just changed things up a bit and create a folder for the movie and the associated files so when looking at my movies directory I only see one item with the movie name.
Ben Hur meta nfo

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My folders are DVD (video_TS) and Bluray (BDMV) folders. So it would be at the same level as the video_ts or BDMV folder. Like this.

You will want to rename the NFO file to Ben-Hur (1959) (disc1).nfo and place it next to the Ben-Hur (1959) (disc1) folder.

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Thank you very much for responding, James. I have already created NFO files in the parent folder for the movies whose Genre I wanted to change. My last post illustrated how I hope the movie subfolder could be supported in the future.

I actually don’t intend to change the genre of Ben Hur. My last post was to illustrate what I meant and how it is beneficial when movies are stored in DVD (video_TS) and Blu-ray (BDMV) folders. I used Ben-Hur because that was the example NC_Bullseye used to illustrate how he * changed things up a bit* for his mkv files.

As I mentioned in my first post, I’ve been ripping DVDs and Blu-rays for over a decade and playing them in various ways using various approaches. Infuse is, all in, the BEST player I’ve ever used! This is mainly because it supports playing video_TS and BDMV folders on IOS and tvOS and requires no server software.

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