Overriding Default Text that Infuse Pulls in from TVDB for TV Shows


I know Infuse pulls in metadata for TV shows from TVDB and will be moving to the Movie Database going forward (even for TV shows). I am trying to figure out how to manually add text to a metadata file (e.g., when a movie or show doesn’t exist on TVDB or Movie Database) or where the text that Infuse pulls in has errors. For example, for the TV Show Fortitude (2015), for some reason, Infuse pulls in the description of Season 1 Episode 1 from TVDB with some typos. These typos don’t exist on TVDB.com. I created the attached xml file in the hope of re-writing what Infuse is pulling in, but this is not working. It allows me to manually select this .xml file when I select the edit metadata feature, but after selecting the file to over-ride the default text for this episode’s description, nothing change. Any thoughts? I also tried using an app calling MetaX that some Infuse users are using, but this isn’t working either.

Thank you.


Fortitude s01e01.xml (68.1 KB)

There’s a users guide that will give you an example of the xml file and how to do most of the metadata changes. I think that some TV metadata will only work in the library.