Overriding art with BDMV

Not exactly what is going on here so wanted to ping you all. I’m trying to override artwork on my BDMV movies and its not working for some reason. File structure is below:


Also, if I have a movie that is on spread over 2 discs and I have them as BDMV files, how should my file structure be?

Strange I’m not getting a response to this question. @james any info on this at all?

I think that those folders need to be in a folder called “Predator (1987)” and the .jpg/.png/.nfo files need to be alongside that folder (ie one level up from where they are)

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What do you mean “one level up from where they are”? They ARE in the main folder already. If you look in my screenshot that is everything that is within the folder named "Predator (1987). If they were “above” where they are right now, they would not be in the movie folder at all.
Please advise, thanks

Remember, this is a user supported forum and James tries to keep up but often has his hands full. Also it’s only been 8 hours since you posted. We try to help as fast as we can but RL calls often and yards need mowing. :wink:

As to your problem, check out this thread.

This seems to be the answer as @remotevisitor said.

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Thanks alot for the response. And no problem with trying get a response…you guys are GREAT in responding in a timely manner. Just that most times its really quick, which we all appreciate!

That is really weird that you would have to put the artwork IN the BDMV folder as opposed to outside of it. Will try it and see if it works. Thanks again to both of you

Just seen in another posting that you are using Emby rather than a direct connection (like SMB or FTP). The advice given may not be appropriate for Emby … can’t advise as I do not run Emby.

Yeah I’m testing both…connecting via Emby or direct connect. I’m actually trying out using ISO or BDMV files since I finally got a new UHD drive, instead of MKV. Problem is Emby is the ONLY client that will recognize either of those types of files. Plus by using Emby I have a means to edit artwork to my liking. Ive used Tiny Media Manager as well but for some reason, its not saving the artwork as the selected naming convention that is selected in the settings…VERY frustrating!!
So if I use Emby and not use the "{edition-XXXX} tag, it may or may not work when connected to Infuse. I can certainly see the different versions in Emby itself. BUT if I use direct to Infuse, if I use the naming convention like above, it works. BUT any collections outside of TMDB has to be made MANUALLY because Infuse is not supporting NFO files for collections. Its like constantly hitting a wall in either direction.
When it comes to “why am I not just sticking with MKV”…plan was to back up as much as I can as either ISO or BDMV since I will soon be getting a Zidoo Z9X Pro which supports full menus. But want to continue using Infuse for my phone, iPad and ATV