Override S/E portion of episode title with XML/NFO

I agree with @James, creating a new entry on TVDb or TMDb is super quick and easy. Definitely the beat way to go!

You have not understand, what’s the topic of this suggestion ?

It’s not about the Episode-Title (which is already customizable with an XML-File)…
It’s about removing the needless „S1 • E1“ before the Episode-Title ?

It’s not needless when people like it that way.

It takes space, but it’s already clearly visible which Season and Episode is currently selected (the numbers under the thumbnails)…

But anyway, if there is a possibility to „edit“ this S/E Portion with an XML-Tag, then all are happy… The users have the choice to show or hide the S/E Portion ??

This is exactly why we need this ?
I have some extra long titles and if S/E is hidden, we have more space for title

Great Idea!! ?