Override S/E portion of episode title with XML/NFO

I try to add an old tv show from DVD to my library. But the show is not listed in the online database.

Is there a way to make own/custom tv shows with xml and a folder wich I set as tv show?

And how I can edit the tv show title?
I would like to to name the title “Big Bang Theory” instead of “Big Bang Theory - S1 • E5”

You can use XML files to add your own title and description. Adding your own artwork is also available.

More info on this can be found here. Metadata 101 – Firecore

Sure I use XML files, but the show is not recognized (only as multiple Videos, not as tv show), because it is not online at thetvdb.
How I can I create a show for myself?

I can overwrite the description etc but not the S1 • E1! I want remove it, just the title without S1 • E1!
Is it possible?

If you prefer Infuse to treat them as movies instead of TV shows you may try renaming them with a generic name instead of something that includes season/episode info.


Big.Bang.Theory.1.mkv instead of Big.Bang.Theory.S01.E01.mkv

Sorry, you misunderstand:
I would like to create my own tv show, because this show is not online listed at thetvdb.com!

Other question:
I like to rename the title in tvshow view “Big Bang Theory - S1 • E5” to “Big Bang Theory”!

Unfortunately forcing Infuse to hide the season/episode info from the title is not possible unless you rename the files to a non-tv show name. Sorry.

Yes, but if I rename the files to a non-tv show name, the episode thumbnails are rectangular (upwards), but I like to have the episodes in the normal view (diagonally)!

How I can set the normal diagonally view?

Can you help?

Unfortunately it’s not possible to override the S/E portion of the title for TV episodes. Sorry.

Is this planned for a future update?

We don’t have any plans to support this, but if you have videos from a series that is not listed on the TheTVDb you might consider creating a new series at http://thetvdb.com

This would allow the series details to be accessed by yourself and others.

I think you misunderstand again.
I would like to override the S/E portion of the title for TV episodes.
Even with a self created show at thetvdb it’s not possible for me to change the S/E portion of the title!

Unfortunately it’s not possible to change that portion of the title, unless you opt to rename the video file so Infuse treats it as a movie.

Yes sure, but

  1. Do you plan this option in a future update?
  2. If I tread it as movie, then I have no 16:9 thumbnails. I get little rectangular (upwards) Covers!

It’s not on our roadmap right now, but I will definitely pass along the suggestion. Thanks!

I found a request from another user which exactly describes what I’m looking for!
(see attached screenshot)

I see in your roadmap you currently working on an ‘Improved UI for TV shows’.
Does the changes contain this text replacement?

Can anyone from Firecore help me?

Moving this to suggestions so we can consider this for a future update.

Yeahh!!! Please make the overriding possible, James! :slight_smile:
Then we have the choice to customize the Title-Text how we like!

Hi James,
please consider this possibility in Infuse :slight_smile:

I have attached a Simulation, how great TV-Shows in Infuse will look with a custom-text and a consistent Typo-Size!

And here is a PDF with some more Infos about it: