Override metadata only partially with local data


I am trying to just override the plot info with local metadata and leave the rest such as genre, cast etc. to be pulled from TMDB. Is this possible?

I have tried some things with nfo and xml files next to the video files and searched in the forum but with no luck.


Are you doing this on movies or TV shows? TV shows aren’t supported right now but you can add your support and follow updates here.

If you’re doing this on a movie are you using the samples from the users guide?

Unfortunately this is not possible at this time.

When using NFO files Infuse will use all fields.

If a field is missing or empty, then it will be hidden (or appear empty) in the UI.

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Is this also true for xml files? Just want to make sure I pass on the right info. :wink:

Yes, in essence the info from the NFO/XML file gets used instead of TMDB info.

This allows you to override (or hide) all fields.

I can understand the case for wanting to only change 1 or 2 things, but it’s not something that is supported right now.


Thanks for the clarification! I’ve only tried these as tests and haven’t really used any for my purposes so that helps! :+1:

Thank you for the quick answer!

I was trying on movies but I‘ll scrap this for now. Too much hassle to pull everything to local.

But you can use a „Workaround“:

Use a Tool like „Tiny MediaManger“, this creates all local NFO and Pictures (Posted, Fanart, Thumbnails) etc and download this from TMDB (or other Scrapers). Then you could simply just modify the „Plot“-Text in the NFO and leave all other Fields like it is :wink::+1:

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Thank you I’ll take a look at that.

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