Override logo not working for TV Series

I’m using Infuse on Apple TV and Mac, i’m trying to use a custom logo for TV series, but if a default logo (loaded from IMDB) is present, my custom logo is not shown. This not happens of movies. My custom logo is shown only if a default logo is not present on IMDB.
I’m using last version of Infuse (7.4.5) with pro purchase.

Small clarification: It would be loaded from TMDB (The Movie DB).

If Infuse has already cached a logo for this series, you will need to use the Edit Metadata option in order to have the updated artwork appear.

Also, please check to ensure you have things organized according to the supported naming styles described here.

To be fair, James, that metadata 101 page hasn’t been updated in quite a while and doesn’t say where show logos should be located, nor how they should be named.

Neither does it say how movie logos should be named.

This users guide does.


Sorry, that is the wrong guide. Link fixed.

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I’ve tried to update cached image using “edit metadata”, but every time i select the correct metadata, TMDB logo is shown instead of my custom image.
The images shown what i was talking about. If i choose “wrong” metadata, my custom image is shown as logo, but when i select the correct metadata, the TMDB logo is shown.

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Can you post a screen cap of the file structure for Breaking Bad on your server?

This is my folder structure:

Do you have the year in the individual episode file names? (2008)?

No, the year is not present in the episodes file name

Just as a test, could you label the series folder “Breaking Bad 2008”?

Then try the edit metadata trick again.

I’ve tried to change the series folder adding the year and then editing metadata, same result and no custom logo

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I don’t know if it will work but could you try dragging your logo.png file to a post here? If it does work I’ll drop it in my BB folder and see if it works for me.

Sure, this is the image i’m trying to show in Breaking Bad infuse page:

It may take me a bit to get it done. Waiting on a iCloud sync to finish and that’s another story for another day. :woozy_face:

Watching the status in the background and I’ll check to see if it works when it finishes.

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Well @james it didn’t work for me either. This is what I get

With the logo.png that @blackstar26 posted above placed here.
BB File structure

Made no difference after doing an edit metadata and re-selecting the correct choice both in the Library and in the Favorite.

Is this happening with all series or only Breaking Bad? If the latter, have you tried using the logo from a different show just to rule out it isn’t something weird about your .png?

It’s happening with all TV series, but it’s not happening with movies. In a movie folder, if i add my custom .png logo, it’s shown correctly in Infuse detail page

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The thing I think is really strange, when @blackstar26 edited the metadata and selected the WRONG series the dang logo shows up. Maybe an exorcism is in order…

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