Outgoing Network Connections (bis repetita)

Hi Folks,

I’m following back on this previous (and now closed) topic: Outgoing network connections - #32 by james
@james provided an answer acknowledging that thanks to macOS, the app could run a bit of background activity. Same when I asked about this in October 2021 on Twitter.

But knowing it can be done does not excuse the fact it’s made mandatory. So it’s still wrong to me:
“If the app is quit, no check should be done whatsoever. Or at least, an option should be provided. By the way those checks seems to trigger on screensleep. What’s the daemon name responsible of this so I can kill it?”

I got as answer that “Apple doesn’t currently provide an option to disable this (like they do on iOS/tvOS) but I can pass along your feedback and see what we can do.”

Then I asked: “Wait, could you clarify even technically? How can Apple be pointed at for processes (scanning libraries for media updates) your app only is responsible of? Why on earth do you run processes if I decided to quit the app. Can’t you name me those daemons that seat somewhere?”

Sadly this question was left unanswered, I would love to get this explained.
If I restart my computer, I won’t be bothered until I run Infuse. Then even quit, it will always try to make it’s connexions until another restart. There is necessary some kind of daemon running thus an option can obviously be provided to prevent this.

Thanks a lot in advance for your time and explanations.

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