"Others" doesn´t match


In “Config > Library” i got “Others: 31” :

But when i browse to “Library > Others” i only have 6 files :

Any tip ?


Any of those in the other screen actually season covers representing multiple episodes of an unmatched tv series?

What happens if you go back to the library and do the scan for changes?


thanks for reply.

Nope, those files in “Others” are not TV Show/Movies, just some Audio/Video Test Samples.

I already done a scan for change.

That really is strange. Did the 31 drop any after the scan for changes?

One test would be to temporarily move those 6 files out of the share that is being scanned for the library and then do a scan for changes and see if the 31 drops by 6 or some other amount.

Ok, i’ve removed all Audio/Video Test sample files (in total of 26 files), and now after Scan for change in Infuse, Others show 25, and when i got to Others Library, its empty :

this is weird…

I’m going to have to leave this one to @james . I have never seen it show a number in the library settings and not have anything showing in the actual library others category. Thanks for trying the suggestion! Sorry I don’t have an answer.

Sure, no problem.

thanks for help.


@james : any tip ?


Are you using embedded metadata or external metadata files for any of these videos?

Are you missing content in your library, or are you just worried about these numbers matching up?

Hi James,

thanks for reply.

I’m using external metadata.

Currently i don´t “see” any missing content, i’m only puzzled why those numbers doesnt match (ex: should i be worried ? can be any kind of db error/corrupt ?


Ok, external metadata is probably the reason.

I wouldn’t worry about it.