Other video players for AVP

Skybox video player app (very popular on the meta quest) is out now for Vision Pro. Works pretty good. They still have a number of features to improve/implement but it can play basically any file including 3D, vr180 and 360 videos. It does not have the nice interface that shows box art of all your moves tv shows though.

Can you link this to Plex? I couldn’t find a way to do it.

Do you know if it plays 4K and HDR as well?

They cannot play Dolby Vision, I tried a file and it is all green.
Their response… “We don’t support Dolby Vision”.
To which I replied… “Can you at least default to the base HDR layer?”
Their response… “We don’t support Dolby Vision”.

I’ve been using Chroma lately. I think it’s just for Plex (I’m not 100% as Plex is all I need) and haven’t run into any video format issues.

Picture quality is great, and there are two different theater environments with 3-6 seating positions for each.

Most importantly, the developer is very responsive. After my first experience with the app, I chatted with him on Reddit and we had a whole conversation about the issues I had come across, which have now all been addressed and then-some.

The image quality is really good, plays HDR properly. But if you have Blu-ray rips there’s a lot of homework you have to do as it doesn’t support PGS subs, plus PLex skips frames if something is encoded with high bitrate, which is mostly the case with disc rips.

I hate this website, every time I try to make a change or delete something, the site adds a new entry.

I was wanting to know if you’re referring to Skybox or Chroma? I’m asking diegoborgh where he says “The image quality is really good, plays HDR properly.”


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I may switch to Chroma because I’ve been using Cinephile for a couple months and it still has lots of issues. I get no response from developer and I don’t see any improvements being made with it either.

One thing I recently discovered, and this may apply to many video players, possibly including Infuse in the future, is that to get proper HDR the brightness settings on AVP need to be set to the Max. The default setting (mid) clips highlights in HDR in Chroma, but I assume it is something that is happening at a system level.