'OTHER' Category

Currently items I consider separate from MOVIES and TV SHOWS (like documentaries for example) are not categorised as such.

Could there be a way (or is there perhaps…?) to manually dictate where a file resides?

Separating documentaries from movies would be ideal.
Currently I have to have documentaries stored in a specific saved share and use Library Settings to deselect everything but this share in order to see them alone.
It’s far from ideal -_-

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Are these videos listed on https://www.themoviedb.org ?

If so, they may be classified into a Documentaries genre which would be an available filter while browsing the Library.

Uhh… oops.
I’ve somehow completely overlooked this filter :stuck_out_tongue:

I would still rather have docs out of Movies as I personally consider them a separate form, but I understand that’s something of a pet peeve.

In regards to the Other category, what files end up there?
Is it simply those that don’t have an entry at moviedb?

Right now Infuse utilizes 2 databases: TMDb and TheTVDb.

If a match isn’t found in either of these databases it gets placed into Other. This typically ends up being home movies, or random clips that aren’t really a movie or a TV show.

In a future update, we’ll likely look at ways to will allow some customization of what is displayed on the home screen - so it would be possible to add a dedicated list for Documentaries there.

Thanks a lot for the info, it’s much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi, James -
Is there a way to override the media type that Infuse Pro thinks an item should be assigned? For example, I have a 3 minute short clip called Reverse that’s a thought-provoking poem I downloaded form the Internet. I created an XML file with its description etc, which begins with <media type=“Other”>. But despite this the clip is filed in the Movies collection of my Library.

I assume this is because there is a movie called Reverse in TMDb, so Infuse is assuming my video is that movie and I’m just overriding a few of its descriptive fields in my XML. However it’s not my clip!

I remember reading in one of your posts about 18 months ago that at the time Infuse Pro didn’t respect the “media” type in XML files, but that this would be addressed in an upcoming release. Has this not happened yet? Will it be?

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@antonywilliams, this sounds like being able to define your own libraries and the metadata engines that power them is exactly what you want. If that’s the case, add your support behind this ticket: Allow defining any number of libraries

I have the same question, only that I want to filter out the extra materiale in to others.
I am using manual made .nfo files.