OTA Broadcast TV App? Elgato Support Maybe?

I’m wondering if there is an over the air broadcast TV app available for the ATV. 


I was looking for a DVR replacement as I recently got rid of cable in favor of netflix, Hulu and OTA broadcast. But the dedicated boxes like TIVO, etc. are expensive. Then I came across the Elgato HomeRun http://www.elgato.com/elgato/na/mainmenu/products/HDHomeRun/product1.en.html which can stream OTA broadcasts to any Mac, iPhone or iPad. So I thought, why not Apple TV? 


That naturally led to the conclusion that if nobody has written anything for Elgato, then perhaps there exists something else for the jailbroken ATV.


Of course Mountain Lion is going to offer AirPlay across the system, so presumably, I would be able to stream the Elgato content on my Mac directly to my ATV via AirPlay, so problem solved. Though it would be great not to have to power up my Mac every time I want to watch broadcast TV, but that’s a small compromise …